The best artisanal hemp on the market

D’vine Garden is a hemp farm that grows each artisanal flower hydroponically. We use the highest quality nutrients along with masterful grow techniques to cultivate the best hemp flowers on the market. The farm grows in small batches to monitor and take care of each plant exquisitely, so they grow to their strongest potential. The CBD flower is handled with an artisanal touch and nurtured by every member of our team. Our flowers are handpicked and trimmed when they are at their peak of harvest to ensure freshness. D’vine Garden’s method of curing ensures the highest quality of CBD flower to smoke or to extract for oils. The slow curing process is closely monitored. This is one of the ways we obtain the highest terpene profiles you will find in smokable CBD flowers.

Dedicated team

Cannabis was the original prescription for any ailment of the mind, body and soul. D’vine Garden believes that the health of the future is deeply rooted in the past. Each of our team members is dedicated to all of your improved/brighter tomorrows with the purest CBD and hemp products.

The Founder

Founder Omar Sandoval has been a hemp farmer and a leader in the industry for more than 15 years. When growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he began growing cannabis outdoors at the age of 15. Sandoval learned planting and growing techniques for maximum potency. He is now honorably certified through Learn Cannabis Sativa College in dispensary management, marijuana business, advanced growing, and extractions.

Sandoval founded D’vine Garden to provide the highest quality of hemp and educate clients on the incredible health value available in each bud. Quality over quantity is what sets D’vine Garden apart within the industry

Providing the highest quality

Our products are cultivated under tight environmental control to ensure the highest quality possible. At D’vine Garden, we do things the right way to help you:

maintain optimal well-being

make daily activities easier

improve sleep quality

Our Mission

D’Vine Garden flowers are grown hydroponically in small batches, allowing each plant to be closely monitored and nurtured by our attentive staff and farmers. Each plant is grown to cultivate the highest quality of cannabinoids and terpenes possible.

Our mission is to design and implement a sense of well-being via overall health and happiness. From seed and bud to bottle, D’vine Garden is a full-service brand that delivers premium hemp-based products to your home or office. Each innovative offering enhances a holistic approach to wellness.

CBD you can trust

Every D’vine Garden bud is curated and manicured by hand to ensure each precious trichome is preserved.

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